Bash string manipulation

Bash string manipulation When I write bash scripts in my terminal, I often need to manipulate strings. Unfortunately, I often forget how to do this properly in bash, so I thought I’d write a blog article for me to remember better in the future. Hopefully it will be helpful for some of you developers out there as well. String manipulation in bash is not hard, but I find some of the notation a bit cumbersome especially when normally working more with Python or other languages.
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Bash: Keep Script Running - Restart on Crash

When you are prototyping and developing small scripts that you keep running, it might be annoying that they quit when an error occurs. If you want very basic robustness against these crashes, you can at least use a bash script to automatically restart your script on error. The tool to use here is called until and makes this a breeze. Let’s use a dumb example Python script called import time while True: print('Looping') time.
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