How To Unfreeze Vim

Sometimes it happens that Vim freezes / gets stuck / doesn’t react and you might wonder what is going on. Recently, I figured out that this happens for me when I accidentally pressed Ctrl + S. It turns out that this is an old legacy features back from the slow days of computing where ressources were really scarce and you sometimes wanted to freeze the output of one program to help with your ressources.
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Vim Commands You Should Know About

As a developer you gotta love Vim! It is easily available on almost any server you login to. Most of the times, it will already be installed. You can customize it to your needs, but you should be comfortable with its basic functionalities as you don’t want to tweak it on every server. I thus like to customize it a little bit, but try to stick close to the default. But the best thing about Vim is that after some time learning it, it is so much faster and easier to edit text than any other editor.
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