Hi, I am Marc!
I love to solve challenging problems with algorithms.
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I am a hands-on, data-driven engineer with a hunger for difficult problems to solve.
For technical ideas and implementations, check out my blog.

Machine Learning

My biggest passion is the field of data science and machine learning. I find it fascinating to write a software program which is able to learn patterns in the world. I am most inspired if I can use that to make the world a little bit better.

Software Engineering

I am a software engineer and take passion in writing quality code. I like functional programming, Python, test-driven design and automation of everything. I built a lot of production systems in my life and it is always fun to see a new product launch.


Together with two friends, I built a company from scratch to more than 25 people over several years. Therefore, I know how to lead people, deal with business challenges and to always respect the trade-off of perfection vs time and budget. Agile for the win!


Quick info about important stations in my life.

  • Mindpeak GmbH


    CIO - Machine Learning and Software Engineering

    Mindpeak creates visual diagnosis tools using deep learning to help Pathologists in detecting cancer and other diseases. I am currently the company's CIO and my role consists of building machine learning models as well as getting those models live as inference APIs together with my technical team using technologies such as PyTorch, Docker Swarm and Traefik. We are hiring, so contact me, if you are interested.

  • Lemundo GmbH


    Founder & CTO of Lemundo

    Together with two friends, I founded the Lemundo GmbH and grew it to 25 people as the CTO of the company. If you need a great online shop, you should definitely contact us.

  • LMU computational neuroscience


    M.Sc. neuro-cognitive psychology

    Inspired by the work I had done with Richard Ivry, I was very interested in how the brain functions and so I specialized in computational neuroscience and dove deeper into neural networks. The elite program in Munich was very research focused and I published a paper in the journal of Learning and Memory.

  • UC Berkeley


    Scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley

    I spent a year studying abroad at the University of California in Berkeley which was a great experience. I got more into contact with artificial intelligence and neuroscience and worked in the lab of Richard Ivry.

  • Computer Science Hamburg


    B.Sc. computer science

    I studied computer science with a minor in psychology at the University of Hamburg. I was awarded best pre-diploma of all students in Hamburg by the company Sun and achieved excellent grades during all of my studies.

Speaking at conferences

I regularly give technical talks about machine learning and software engineering at tech conferences and meetups. Examples include:



At the NVIDIA GTC 2022, I gave a talk about training machine learning models for cancer diagnostics.

ML Conference Berlin

ML Conference, Berlin

At the ML Conference in Berlin, I held a talk about reinforcement learning featuring my deep Q learning library.

EuroPython Conference

EuroPython, Online

At the EuroPython conference 2021, I held a talk about speeding up the deep learning development life cycle.

ML Meetup Cologne

ML Meetup, Cologne

On the machine learning meetup Cologne, I talked about the challenges of "Deep Learning in Digital Pathology".

code.talks Hamburg

code.talks, Hamburg

I spoke several times at the code.talks conference in Hamburg. Most recently on "Serving ML models as an inference API in production".

Landing Festival Lisbon

Landing Festival, Lisbon

I was booked as a speaker for the Landing Festival in Lisbon, Portugal. I presented my work on letting a computer play the Pacman video game using deep learning.

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I am happy to talk to you about opportunities working together.