Hi, I am Marc!
I love to solve challenging problems with algorithms.
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I am a hands-on, data-driven engineer with a hunger for difficult problems to solve.

Machine Learning

My biggest passion is the field of data science and machine learning. I find it fascinating to write a software program which is able to learn patterns in the world. I am most inspired if I can use that to make the world a little bit better.

Software Engineering

I am a software engineer and take passion in writing quality code. I like functional programming, Python, test-driven design and automation of everything. I built a lot of production systems in my life and it is always fun to see a new product launch.

Business Experience

Together with two friends, I built a company from scratch to more than 25 people over several years. Therefore, I know how to handle people, deal with business challenges and to always respect the trade-off of perfection vs time and budget. Agile for the win!


Quick info about important stations in my life.

  • Coding early on


    First programming experience

    At the age of 12, I started to develop my first web pages with PHP and HTML. I was very interested in how this new thing called Internet started to shape our lives.

  • Computer Science Hamburg


    B.Sc. computer science

    I studied computer science with a minor in psychology at the University of Hamburg. I was awarded best pre-diploma of all students in Hamburg by the company Sun and achieved excellent grades during all of my studies.

  • UC Berkeley


    Scholarship at the University of California, Berkeley

    I spent a year studying abroad at the University of California in Berkeley which was a great experience. I got more into contact with artificial intelligence and neuroscience and worked in the lab of Richard Ivry.

  • LMU computational neuroscience


    M.Sc. neuro-cognitive psychology

    Inspired by the work I had done with Richard Ivry, I was very interested in how the brain functions and so I specialized in computational neuroscience and dove deeper into neural networks. The elite program in Munich was very research focused and I published a paper in the journal of Learning and Memory.

  • Lemundo GmbH


    Founder & CTO of Lemundo

    Together with two friends, I founded the Lemundo GmbH and grew it to 25 people as the CTO of the company. If you need a great online shop, you should definitely contact us.

  • Machine Learning


    Looking for new challenges!

    I am currently looking for new challenges and opportunities especially in the machine learning area. Contact me if you have an interesting problem to work on.

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I am happy to talk to you about opportunities working together.