How to write clean code?

This is a quick review of some important parts of the book “Clean Code: A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship” by Robert C. Martin. Advantages of clean code Better use of your time: Code is read a lot, you forget things, so clean code helps you quickly grasp what the code did. Easier onboarding: Getting co-workers up to speed is much easier if the code base is clean. Easier debugging: Others can help you out, since the code is understandable, even non-programmers like a project manager might be able to spot things.
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What the heck is ~~ in JavaScript?

A note on bit-wise operations Today I read some JavaScript source code and stumbled on a line like var delta = ~~time; and I was unsure what that purpose of using ~~ was. So I started to research and digging a bit deeper. It turns out that the binary not operator (~) when applied twice on a floating number (e.g. 4.12) returns an integer (~~4.12 = 4). Why not simply use Math.
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mod_rewrite operations you should know about

Rewriting URLs using mod_rewrite Every so often as a web developer, you might have to write a redirect of some URLs to some other ones to an .htaccess file. If you remember these tips here, you will probably have most of the stuff you need: Redirect a specific URL to another URL Redirect 301 "/old-page.html" "/new-page.html" 301 here means it is a permanent redirect. Over time Google and other search engines will then replace the old URL with the new one in their index.
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