Parsing JSON data from AWS lambda functions in Python

Lambda functions are a great way to put small workloads into the cloud without needing to care about servers or scalability. They work well with Python and the data format you’ll most likely be using to exchange data is JSON. This is a very brief post to show how to do this in Python, in particular how to pass JSON data to the lambda function and how to read the JSON result.
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PyTorch Model in Production as a Serverless REST API

PyTorch is great to quickly prototype your ideas and get up and running with deep learning. Since it is very pythonic, you can simply debug it in PyCharm as you are used to in regular Python. However, when it comes to serving your model in production the question arises: how to do it? There are many possibilities to do so, but in this post, you will learn how to serve it as a lambda function in a serverless manner on AWS.
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