Build Your Own Javascript Game in 5 Minutes

Hello (version 3) Phaser is a JavaScript library which makes it super easy for you to build games. It builds on top of WebGL, but if your browser doesn’t support that, falls back to canvas support. In this quick post, I will show you how to get up and running with your first game in literally 5 minutes (if you take mine as a starter). Note that I use the new version 3 while many tutorials and example games are written in version 2.
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What the heck is ~~ in JavaScript?

A note on bit-wise operations Today I read some JavaScript source code and stumbled on a line like var delta = ~~time; and I was unsure what that purpose of using ~~ was. So I started to research and digging a bit deeper. It turns out that the binary not operator (~) when applied twice on a floating number (e.g. 4.12) returns an integer (~~4.12 = 4). Why not simply use Math.
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