P-Diff Learning Classifier with noisy labels based on probability difference distributions

Label noise in digital Pathology In the field of digital pathology and other health related deep learning applications, label noise is an important challenge to consider during training. It’s inherent to the medical fields as the problems are extremely challenging even for trained experts, so there is high intra- as well as inter-observer variability. This blog post dives into the idea of the paper P-DIFF: Learning Classifier with Noisy Labels based on Probability Difference Distributions which is authored by researchers of Microsoft in China.
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Meta-learning from noisy labels

Label noise introduction Training machine learning models requires a lot of data. Often, it is quite costly to obtain sufficient data for your problem. Sometimes, you might even need domain experts which don’t have much time and are expensive. One option that you can look into is getting cheaper, lower quality data, i.e. have less experienced people annotate data. This usually has the side effect of your labels becoming more noisy.
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